What Is a Remy Hair Wig?

If you have been looking through diverse catalogues and online wig shops on the lookout for that ideal wig to wear, it is very likely which you have encountered the time period Remy hair or Remy wig. These wigs are really the most popular these days because of distinctive motives but opposite to what some human beings expect, Remy is not a emblem name.

Remy hairs are absolutely real human hairs which are harvested very carefully from the donor in order that the cuticle stays intact. When the cuticle is in perfect circumstance, the character hair strands can be attached to the wig cap in a perfectly aligned position, simulating herbal hair growth. This also makes the completed wig much less vulnerable to tangles and matting.

Virgin Remy
Remy hair may be divided into two subcategories fibre per capelli, the first of that’s referred to as virgin or cuticle hair. These are one hundred% natural hair fibers which have in no way been exposed to chemical substances along with hair dye or perming solutions. After harvesting, those hairs go through no in addition processing and are immediately attached onto the wig cap.

Since virgin hair does now not undergo any chemical remedy, the colors available for this precise type of wig are relatively constrained. Most of the hair comes from India, China, Malaysia, Mongolia and Brazil and most of them are medium brown to black in color.

Most of the hairs harvested are either perfectly immediately or slightly wavy. Some producers add curls to those hairs to add versatility in styling however they may be nevertheless considered virgin because only heat is used for the curling procedure and no synthetic chemical compounds are used.

Non-Virgin Remy Hair

These are basically similar to the virgin variety except that they have passed through greater processing to adjust the colour or texture. If you spot blonde Remy wigs, it is very in all likelihood that they’re non-virgin, keep for some uncommon exceptions.

Non-virgin Remy hair is said to have a slightly shorter lifespan than virgin Remy hair and are more liable to tangles, despite the fact that many say that the variations are not that substantial.

In any case, whether you decide to get a virgin or non-virgin variety, the reality remains that Remy hairs are taken into consideration to be the excellent materials for making wigs. They may be extra expensive than different alternatives however with the high satisfactory and spectacular craftsmanship, there may be absolute confidence that you’ll get extra than your money’s worth with those first rate wigs.