Types of Bathtub Materials: Advantages and Disadvantages

Now that you’ve chosen the bathtub you want, it is time for you to select the material from which your tub will be constructed. Each bathtub has its pros and cons, and some tubs can only be made from certain materials. You won’t find an air bath made from metal or cast iron solid surface bathtub.

Cast iron bathtubs can be very durable and last a long time. They are often covered with porcelain. This tub is one of the most durable tubs that can be installed in homes. It can last for many decades if it is properly maintained. The tubs are very easy to clean, but it is best to avoid using any harsh cleaning techniques. They are often quite heavy and require a strong support structure to hold them.

Although they look similar to cast iron bathtubs, enamel on steel bathtubs are lighter than the cast iron ones. Because they are lighter than cast iron tubs, they can be placed in a new bathroom much more easily than cast iron. Cast iron tubs should be treated the same way as cast-iron tubs to avoid scratching and exposing the metal underneath. It can cause rusting if metal is left exposed.

Acrylic bathtubs are made from plastic and other materials. It is made of plastic and another material. It is less scratchy than other tubs, but it is also easier to repair. They are easy to shape, making them popular for air and whirlpool bathtubs.

Fiberglass gelcoat bathtubs are made of fiberglass plastic and coated with a gel coating. This is a popular way to make whirlpool and air bathtubs. These bathtubs have a glossy, smooth, and large surface area. Acrylic is more durable than this, but it can be scratched and even cracked if hit hard enough.

Composite bathtubs are made of materials engineered from composite materials. The tub’s surfaces are enameled. They will be able to enjoy the cast iron tub’s benefits but without the added weight. You don’t have to bear the same weight. These tubs have been known to crack so make sure you consult a plumber before installing this material.

Cultured marble bathtubs use crushed marble and resins in order to create a solid surface. It looks a lot like quartz. The clear gel coating provides a strong, stain-resistant, and easy-to-clean surface. They are easy moldable.

The material is fragile and cannot be repaired if it is not properly installed or if the spouts are too tight. Most cracks cannot be repaired, but scratches can usually be polished out. These tubs are not durable over time. They are not durable enough to withstand the test of time.