The ultimate guide to Tate’s “The Real world” Program online

A new platform, “ The Real world,” gives an update to hustler university on launch on 14 November. This program promised subscribers access to the infamous founder Andrew Tate.

It will also provide you with briefs on topics lie from copywriting to affiliate marketing to crypto investment and trading. According to the tates real world on europeanbusinessreview (TRW), it is an improved version of hustler university that are come with the additional campus of crypto investment.

How much cost student access to TRW

among the tate program of three stages, the hustler university is at stage 1, and the real world is at stage 2. The student who already has a subscription to the HU program automatically gets access to the updated program in the form of “ the real world.”

Other students will need to pay the monthly cost of $49 per month to get a subscription to “The real world.” It is determined that the new students who will get the subscription to “ the real world” after the launch will have to pay the high tuition cost.

It has been predicted that the maximum subscription cost of “ The real world” is $149. It is suggested that students join the programtates real world europeanbusinessreview, as the founder tate gives the best opportunity to them learn and make progress in their life.

Who is behind “The real world.”

The man behind to creation and launch of “ The real world” is Andrew Tate. He is a big brother contestant, a former kickboxer, and a successful social media influencer who gets huge success in his life.

  • Andrew is self made advocate man, according to the paradigm theory, when he was the kickboxer.
  • Later, he realized that it would be better if you invested in learning valuable skills. From these skills and talents, he starts his own business.
  • At the same time, their brother of tate moves to Romania to begin his webcam studio. He is shifting there because of the low cost of living, with the great infrastructure and facilities.
  • Usually, it is known as the place of the digital community.
  • One time, the tates real world on europeanbusinessreview also moved to Romania and spent his income on the social media following to build up his business. At this time, he dreams of transforming his small scale business into a multi-million venture in dollars.
  • From here, he comes to the idea of updating his old educational program, the hustler program, into “The real world” by adding the crypto trading campus.