List of campus at HU and the real world by Andrew Tate

A new program by Andrew Tate, “ The Real world,” provides good improvements at hustler university. This online program claims to give access to subscribers to the infamous founder and kickboxer Andrew Tate.

The best thing is that once you join the tate The real world program, you can access a lot of online money making skills, such as copywriting, affiliate marketing, crypto investment, and Amazon FBA.

According to the information in the article, it is considered an updated version of the old program, HU, with new skills, host, and crypto campus.

The campus at HU and the real world

As we tell you above, the campus of the real world has come with the same approach as hustler university. Here is the list of campus

  1. Amazon FBA campus

The Amazon FBA campus gives you knowledge on the best way to create your online Amazon FBA business. FBA is fulfilled by Amazon business where you only have to sell the products online to people.

Other processes, like Amazon fulfillment, storage, shipping, etc., are handled by Amazon itself. The best thing is that this campus also teaches you to choose the profitable product to sell on Amazon.

  1. Crypto campus

The crypto campus teaches you about crypto investment or trading. Tate is considered an advocate of the self made man of cryptocurrencies. There are many demonstrations on the crypto campus where the professors teach you about crypto trading.

  1. Ecommerce campus

This article here on campus teaches you the best way to open an ecommerce store and effectively run it to make it more profitable. They teach you to create the store online, explore winning products, and create more traffic.

On this campus, you learn how to make the effective process of running your online ecommerce business and make your stores the most profitable store online, even if you are starting with zero experience. Most of the lessons on this campus are teach you in text form, with a lot of videos coming in slide show format.

  1. Affiliate Program

On the affiliate program campus, you get the basic affiliate marketing training that helps you to start your affiliate marketing business. Since hustler university by tate already has an affiliate program, you are inspired to promote it by referring people to join this program online.

  1. Freelance campus

This campus article here teaches you how to launch a freelance career online. This campus is come in both video and text form and makes it easy for you to navigate.