How to Get High Traffic on Your Pinterest

A visual social media channel and search engine that is known primarily for information discovery and idea-sharing, Pinterest has grown in popularity in recent years. In fact, it boasts over 450 million active users every month. The numbers speak volumes for how far it has come since its initial inception back in 2009. It is also for this reason that Pinterest SEO has become a common denominator in the digital marketing campaigns of many businesses.

However, the question is how to leverage the platform for better inbound traffic. You’ll be happy to know that it isn’t as hard as it appears to be. And we’ll be exploring a few tips that should help you get more visitors to your website in this article.  

Ensure that all pins created lead to useful resources

Pinterest made some changes to its algorithm at the start of 2016 that began to affect the way pins appeared in the home feed of users. Based on observation, the digital channel now seems to prioritize those that steer people to useful content. Eye-catching images alone aren’t enough to improve the visibility of the pins. There needs to be something substantial at the end of the road. So ensure that all created pins direct resources that give value. 

Practice Pinterest SEO through keywords as the board names

Another excellent way to improve your chances of getting your pins to appear on Pinterest’s interest feeds is through the use of relevant keywords. For example, by using targeted terms or phrases as the name of your boards, you’ll be able to inform the platform of the topic. As a result, it will help you reach the people who are looking for information that is relevant to the subject much easier than you otherwise would have thought.

Utilize guided search

To use keywords effectively, you must first understand the search tags that people generally use on Pinterest. Through guided search, you can find out the common phrases and terms that users type in when they look for specific topics on Pinterest. When you put in words relevant to your brand or offerings on the search bar, tiled suggestions will appear beneath it. Once it does, you can choose which ones are the most relevant to your content to place in the pin description. 

Expand your reach and grow your following

Having a good number of followers might be advantageous, but it isn’t necessarily as essential as some would lead you to believe. After all, there are many boards out there whose websites generate a considerable amount of traffic despite having a small following. The key is to create the kind of pins that can expand your reach and attract the non-followers on Pinterest while engaging the existing ones. And to achieve this, you must focus your efforts on relevant pins that will speak to the target audience. 

Improve engagement through re-pins

For those striving to rank high for specific keywords, you mustn’t ignore the re-pins received in a certain period because it is an integral factor in Pinterest’s search rankings. When you get right down to it, pins that get many re-pins in a short timeframe outrank those that receive less. Other elements that may influence your position on the search results are those who re-pin and the CTR or click-through rates of the pins. The more active your re-pinners are, the better the chances of getting higher CTR. In turn, this will lead to better engagement and elevate your visibility on multiple feeds. 

Stay consistent in pinning

One of the things that separate Pinterest from other social networking websites is that its pins usually have a much longer half-life when it comes to clicks, especially for those with evergreen content. However, to improve traffic, you must remain consistent with pinning. It may sound tedious to pin daily, but doing so will reward you with a lot of followers and more engagement. 


These days, an increasing number of enterprises have begun using Pinterest as a marketing tool, and for very good reason: it works. Beyond its ability to engage users to a brand, it can also attract new users to the fold, increase the amount of traffic that your website gets, and result in better conversions.