Embracing a New Paradigm Shift in the Luxury Product Domain – How to Defy the Recession

Magazines and TV style spots often tell us how to “get the look” of spotted celebrities, but often the alternative style suggestions are still too expensive for the most of us. Most of these style sightings exhibit what’s currently hot and trending, so is it still worth investing in a $300 outfit based off of a multi-thousand dollar one? While some pieces, such as classics or basics, may be worth investing in for the long term, most of us can get away with the same looks for less with the help of a little ingenuity.

One of the easiest methods for finding luxurious looks for less is to scour for sales and coupons. Sales happen all year round, but there are certain months where its best to buy seasonal items. Even waiting a mere month into a new season can make time for sales. While earlier sales tend to take less off of end of season sales, they’re still worth checking out. If you see some items you like for Spring when its still Winter, hold off until mid-April and you’ll see items from February and March already on sale. In addition, some stores still use coupons or store cash which is given in a previous season to be used during a specific time. Though most places no longer allow the use of multiple coupons on a single transaction or do not accept coupons on top of sales prices, you can still keep them up your sleeve for that special non-marked-down item. Savings is savings, no matter what the discount.

For trendier styles, it may not be worth Business for sale buying into a top-of-the-line product. If you have any interest in styles that are part of fads, buying cheaper clothing may be the way to go. The price is worth the make if a style is not guaranteed to last past the season. You wouldn’t want to spend too much on an item that will only end up being hot for a few months, right? While it is still worth investing in well-made, top-of-the-line classics, such as a nice go-to pair of jeans or a little black dress that will last you years, it doesn’t hurt to buy cheaper trendier items that you can mix and match with your wardrobe staples to keep it looking fresh and updated.

Another option is buying second-hand. Some locations aren’t your everyday Salvation Army and sell only gently used items that are still in style and from earlier in the season. Additionally, trading clothes with a close friend or relative like a sister or cousin is a great way to save on luxury items. Trade your clothes when you feel the need for something new or you can all pitch in to buy a more expensive piece that you’ll all take care of and trade-off wearing. Additionally, there are stores that sell brand name, unworn products for a discounted price which is great for finding lasting classic pieces or saving on versatile seasonal items.