Electric Vehicle Motor For Conversion – DC Motor Or AC Motor

Since you have resolved to build an electric vehicle of your own, Just like in life, before one sets out to do something, a proper knowledge is highly needed. Now you need to learn about electric vehicle motors. The following are considerations in choosing which vehicle to install.

1. How big of a motor do you need?
2. Do you use D.C or A.C motor?
3. Detailed plan to go about it.
4. Do you choose a car or truck?

Let’s get started by outlining what you Entergy should look out is the vehicle suitable for conversion to electric vehicle. A featherweight vehicle is most suitable for electric vehicle conversion; the vehicle should also have ample room for batteries. This featherweight vehicle chassis should be strong enough to contain the additional weight of the batteries and D.C electric vehicle motor. These are basically the main concern when thinking of owning of an electric motor.

Which motor to go for D.C or A.C?

Big companies are installing A.C motors. A.C is light for its power output and they have a powerful charging device that works off of your braking system when the A.C motor is slowed down that energy is actually transferred to the batteries. D.C motor is preferred to A.C motor, because A.C is difficult to install and is expensive. So many people like me embrace D.C for their electric motors.

The outlined plan showed us where to find free electric vehicle motors and deep cycle batteries, thus, reducing our cost for driving our dream vehicle.

Another great way of reducing cost is by going for used or recycled D.C electric motors, since the motor will serve longer enough even for a life time of two vehicles. D.C electric motor of 9 to 13 inch range works best and has lots of power.

Since our environment is changing due to burning of fossil fuel (gas), and with gas prices determined to hit $10 per gallon in the nearest future, the time to switch to electric vehicle is right now.

Now, Listen Very Carefully!

Since Gas Prices are on a steady rise, Don’t you think it is time to do something? Gas2Elect guide will teach you how to save money, the environment, and you will learn all there is to know about how to make your own electric car. Imagine having to never spend another dime on gasoline again.