5 Tips for the next Kentucky Derby


The top three-year-old dirt horses in the United States are presently competing on the Road to the Kentucky Derby, which is already in full swing. These horses are vying for the required qualification points to compete in the first race of the Triple Crown.


The Kentucky Derby will be held at Churchill Downs on May 7, 2022, and it is expected that the facility would be packed to capacity with people.


However, many people would consider the day a success because a champion emerged from the fiercely contested Group 1. Betting on the Kentucky Derby has traditionally been one of the most popular methods to wager on sporting events, and there is no reason to expect that this year will be any different. This article covers betting information for the Kentucky Derby. Regardless, what advice would you provide to someone interested in betting on the event before placing a wager on the opening race of the Triple Crown this year?

1. Read the Form Carefully


The single most important consideration to make before placing a wager on any horse race, including but not limited to the Kentucky Derby, is reading the form of the horses racing in the race. Due to the high number of horses competing, gamblers should take their time and properly analyze each race’s possible victors before placing a bet on the first leg of the Triple Crown competition for the year.


This entails keeping an eye on horses considered long bets, as unlikely winners have won the race in the past, the most recent of which being Country House, trained by William Mott and with odds of 65/1.


It is critical to analyze the form and every race in which the horses competing in the event have previously competed. The breakdown of the form is also highly important, which means that gamblers must research the distances that horses have won over as well as the tracks that they have won at. Even if a horse finishes second in a preliminary race, that does not rule out their prospects in the main event.


Instead, it may be more useful from a betting standpoint to evaluate whether or not the horse that won that event has won subsequent races. When it comes to the Kentucky Derby, every gambler will have a different option, which is why doing your research is always a good idea.


2. The Files of Research

The most recent Kentucky Derbys merit extra analysis, which means that the vast majority of seasoned bettors will wait until the draws are finalized before placing a stake. There is a very good reason for this, as statistics nearly always show that a draw is tremendously beneficial to a horse’s chances. For example, no one has ever won the race in any of the prior 16 competitions that used stalls one through three as starting positions.


The numbers can also be utilized to determine winning trends, which can help predict who will win the Kentucky Derby. For example, 15 of the last 16 champions have yet to make their final appearance at Aqueduct, Fairgrounds, or Keeneland. This is true for all three of those locations. Furthermore, while some horses have won the Kentucky Derby at extremely large odds throughout its history, 14 of the race’s most recent 16 winners have not been assigned odds greater than 21/1.


When it comes to betting on the Kentucky Derby, the graded form bears a little more weight. This is demonstrated by the fact that each of the previous 15 Triple Crown champions won a graded race prior to running at Churchill Downs. This is a critical issue to emphasize. In contrast, fourteen of the previous sixteen Kentucky Derby champions have run in a Grade 1 race as their final run before the first leg of the Triple Crown.

3. Examine the Warm-Up Races


Bettors should pay special attention to one of the season’s most crucial topics, the evolution of the prep races that gain qualification points. Major General won the Iroquis in September, marking the first step on the road to the Kentucky Derby. Each race that qualifies for the Breeders’ Cup provides a different number of points, with the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile, which Corniche won and gained 20 points, being the most valuable to date.


On the Road to the Kentucky Derby, winning connections receive 100 points for their efforts. These are the most important qualification points. The first prep race worth 100 points is the United Arab Emirates Derby (UAE Derby), which is raced on the same day as the Louisiana Derby (LA Derby), which is also worth 100 points. Other notable races that qualify riders for the Kentucky Derby include the Florida Derby, the Arkansas Derby, and the Wood Memorial.


Twenty previous Florida Derby winners have gone on to win at least one of the Triple Crown events, making this race arguably the most intriguing of the preliminary competitions. In total, 15 different winners have claimed victory at Churchill Downs. The Santa Anita Derby is another notable pre-Derby race to keep an eye on. Three of the horses that have won the Kentucky Derby in the last four years have previously competed in that race.


4. Track Betting Markets

Although seasoned bettors may wait until later in the year to wager on the Kentucky Derby, they also keep a careful eye on the ante-post markets offered by the major bookmakers. Because they begin a year before the event, these betting markets provide the best value on the horses predicted to run in the Kentucky Derby. Every Triple Crown race fan cares about receiving value on their selection since it means they have a better possibility of winning a larger amount of money from their stake.


It is critical to monitor the ante-post market on a regular basis to ensure that you get the best odds for the decision you want to make. If the horse you bet on does not compete in the first race of the Triple Crown series, you will forfeit your stake. One of the hazards connected with the bet is this. Many industry specialists, however, see it as a fantastic method for increasing value.

5. Find a reliable online sportsbook.

When it comes to betting on the Kentucky Derby, gamblers must consider various aspects, one of which is the sportsbook where they will place their stake. Those who bet on Triple Crown races will want to ensure that they get the greatest odds and that they take advantage of any other promotions that are being given at the same time. For more on online gambling click here.


The number of betting places available for the race will be increased by the most reputed online bookmakers. This will allow gamblers to make more money by betting on underdogs, as well as receive cash back bonuses on their wagers. Because players expect to receive something in exchange for opening an account, the availability of welcome bonuses is an important consideration.